ABB Terra AC – Wallbox stations for home and business

ABB has finally released to market its new TERRA AC wallbox to meet demand for connected EV charging. This product line is suited both for private homes and businesses. Terra AC wallbox is available in 3.7kW; 7.4kW; 11kW and 22 kW models and ensures compatibility with house grid electrical systems in buildings around the world.

Terra AC wallbox is a ‘connected’ charging station  which means that it is capable to get software updates via dedicated phone App or remotely via cloud. This minimises a need for onsite intervention.

Each EV charger can be seamlessly integrated with smart building energy management systems, allowing advance load management features is equipped with energy meter. Each charger is equipped with revenue grade energy meter. Load balancing feature prevents electric fuse blow off and enables home and business owners to adjust the power of assets as need to maximise charging power and cost efficiency.

ABB TERRA AC cableABB Terra AC wallbox

Other features include:

  • Smart connectivity options including wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet
  • Small size – enables installation on wall or pedestal. Also possible to install two chargers back-to-back
  • Both socket and cable version available which makes chargers compatible with the majority of EVs
  • Future proof flexibility
  • Future- ready with software updated via user App
  • Water resistant and dust-proof in harsh weather conditions enhancing uptime and prolonging product lifetime
  • Integrates with ABB complementary building automation solutions
  • Authentication via RFID or App provides flexibility for public-use case applications
  • Evaluated and tested by independent third party
  • Current limiting protection allows maximum charging power without nuisance tripping
  • Safety – Integrated ground fault and overvoltage protection. Safe to use for EV drivers and safe charging for your car.


It will be available for deliveries starting in July 2020 in North Europe. You can already pre-order your ABB Terra AC charger by mail –