project was started during 2019 by “CHRG Network” which itself was established in 2017.

@CHRG Network we have built proprietary charging station management system “CHRG Network” together with App for driver, which allows seamless station owners experience. When charging station is connected to CHRG Network system EV drivers can initiate / stop and pay for charging session using our drivers App. This is convenient for driver also automates processes of payment collection & invoicing for station owners. is a webshop where you can find best charging stations for private use or for public charging. Many of these stations are compatible with our proprietary CHRG Network station management system.

The technology company operates globally from Vilnius (Lithuania), serving customers in all over EEC (European Economic  Community). We work with fleet operators, installation companies, energy suppliers and electric car drivers.

Lets create decentralised EV charging network together!